prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

My sister and my niece are staying over tonight because her husband is doing some kind of overnight fishing trip. As a result, we ended up watching a film, which upset my brother who wanted to watch Game Of Thrones, and we ended up having a mini argument about it. He lost, because Jen was only here for one night and it wouldn't have been fair. So, we watched Divergent, which wasn't as bad as I expected, and drank a few bottles of wine, which is fine because I'm not at work tomorrow.

Writing is progressing, slowly but surely. I'm going to predict four chapters left, but there may be five or more, or maybe even three, it all depends how it goes. I do feel like I'm kind of getting somewhere now though. What I'm not sure about though is what I've done to Alan. But We'll see how it goes down...

Anyway, exhausted now, so time for bed, I think. I'll try and get a chapter poster tomorrow or the day after. We'll see how that goes...
Tags: fanfic, lost boys, movies
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