prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

I drove to work today becuase it was too windy to cycle, s while I was in the car I thought I might as well pop to PC World and get an external cd/DVD reader/writer for my MacBook. They didn't have any. And PC World is really intimidating now. They've got rid of alost of the stuff and really specialised in what they do and don't sell, so there was nothing I needed. I wanted a new laptop bag too, but they didn't have any of them either. or if they did, I don't know where they were. And nobody offered to help me or looked at all approachable. The staff were all chatting to each other in groups. I left and went to Currys instead. It's next door and it's the same shop but it's totally different. They only have a small computer section bu I found what I needed quickly and the guy on the till was super helpful making sure it did what I wanted. I think I'll go straight there in future. I wasn't impressed with PC World when I bough my computer either.

Anyhow, I'm off to see the new Avengers film tonight. Hopefully it'll be awesome! :)
Tags: movies, real life
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