prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Depending on the photo I use, on, I am ages anywhere between 23 and 44. The 44 one was when I had zombie makeup on though, so I guess that's understandable!

I wanted to upload the pics here as evidence but it won't work. I had to use pics off my phone, but when I saved them to my iCloud they started showing up n my photos on my laptop but not in the folder I use to upload them. Which is both weird and annoying. Maybe it'll work tomorrow.

It might be a glitch like with Pages. Sometimes I write something on my iPad and I expect it to be there waiting for me on my mac, but it takes ages and a whole bunch of messing around to make it update properly.

On a positive note, this weekend is a bank holiday weekend and I am not working. I have two more days off! This is particularly good because I had to work the Saturday over the Easter weekend, and next bank holiday I have to go down to visit my nana which will most likely put a crimp n my fic writing plans. So I need to write as much as I can now to make up for it. I'm planing on hopefully finishing my Zoe fic this weekend, though it has become more of an Edgar through Zoe's eyes fic, and I have high hopes of coming close to a first draft of the last few chapters of the Enemy. Although I've thought that before and it hasn't happened.
Tags: fanfic, real life, work
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