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Well, I didn't get much writing done this bank holiday. I tidied my room yesterday morning, planning on doing that and then writing in the afternoon, but then my niece turned up and I ended up having to entertain her instead, so I spent the afternoon watching the Postman Pat movie and covering in. Never mind.

Today, my mum suggested going to Cleethorpes since the weather was decent, so her, me, my sister and my niece did that. Unfortunately, when we got there it was flying ant day, and all around the boating lake was swarming with them! Ick! Luckily the beach wasn't infested so we made a fairly epic sandcastle, did a bit of paddling and ate some sandwiches, then went for a wonder down the front, got an ice-cream and had a go on the big wheel. Then we caught the land train back in the other direction and went home.

There was this guy on the train who was talking to us, well mostly to my mum. He had a fairly epic Yorkshire accent, it reminded my of my nana. He was from Rotherham, not Sheffield, but they are so close together the accent is pretty much the same. My mum's lost a lot of her accent, but this guy still picked up on it and asked if she was from Sheffield. But he spoke proper Yorkshire dialect. I don't think I've heard someone say thee and tha' since my nana died. I was just wearing jeans and a t-shirt and he had a big coat on, so he asked me "Is tha' not cawd?" I love it.

Anyway, I did finally get my story checked over for errors and posted tonight. I umm'ed and ah'ed over the title for hours though. I'm still not sure about it. I hate when I can't think of a title. Sometimes they just come to you and you know they're perfect, other times it's a real struggle to come up with a name. Anyway, it's done now.

Game of Thrones in about ten minutes, so no more writing tonight.
Tags: fanfic, game of thrones, real life
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