prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

One for sorrow...

I saw a magpie as I opened my curtains this morning. It was flying straight at my window, then it turned and swapper upward over the house. I tend to be pretty superstitious, as much as I try not to be. It's probably my mum's fault for bringing me up that way. So as much as I tried to think nothing of it, I was pretty sure things were going to go wrong.

Of course, I'm certain that all these things would have happened if I had opened my curtains a few seconds later and not seen the bird. He or she is not responsible for anything that happened today. That's the thing about superstitions; you end up making connections that aren't there.

So, I got to work, and everything was fine. Then about 10am the power went out. It stayed out for about 2 hours. Then there were a series of other irritations and stresses throughout the day, and finally there was the old lady who asked if I was pregnant! "No, just fat," I told her. I'm not that fat though. I'm not technically overweight. At the upper end of the normal BMI true, but not overweight. I should think about eating less junk for a while.

And then there was bunch of other stuff that was annoying, resulting in us getting out half an hour late.

Anyway, my mum made things better when she texted and asked if I was up for tea at Chiquito. Yum! I had my favourite veg chill chimichanga. I'll start eating healthy tomorrow. And I'm hoping the bad luck streak is over because while I was getting ready to go out, I got within millimeters of standing on my hair straighteners in bare feet. I'm fairly sure I actually was standing on them, I thought "that's warm," and looked down, then leapt about a mile into the air. But I didn't get burned, which is good because that would have really sucked. I still have a hair straighteners burn scar on my arm from about seven years ago, I think the bottom of my foot would have been a lot worse!

But anyway, none of this is the poor bird's fault. Superstitions are pretty stupid.
Tags: real life
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