prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Hello new obsession...

I need a Daredevil icon. I also need some decent photo editing software to allow me to make one. The problem with switching from PC to Mac is that I can't use the one I had before, and I have no idea what is good. There are some in the app store, I'll have to check them out.

Dammit. I've done it again, gone and gotten obsessed with a new TV show. So I've spent most of the day reading fanfic, pressing refresh on the fic meme and generally building up the obsession. I've still only watched the first three episodes. I'm trying to take it slow and savour them, but that's not going to last too much longer. It's only because the weather was so nice today that I've been sitting in the garden that I haven't watched the rest of them already.

The fic in the fandom is so damn good too. Some of it seriously puts me to shame. It makes for seriously addictive reading. I think my favourite character is going to be Foggy, which doesn't bode well for him because I do love to torture my favorites in fanfic horrors...

I'd better watch the full series before I write anything else though... she says as she scours the meme for more plot bunnies...
Tags: computer, daredevil
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