prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

I got an e-mail from ThinkGeek this afternoon with all kinds of epic Marvel jewelry, including charms that fit on Pandora bracelets (because I have one of those) and I got all super-excited because I wanted all of them. But every single one of them says they don;t ship outside of the US and Canada. Rubbish. No idea why either, because all the other jewelry and charms ship anywhere you like.

So if I want one, I'll have to do it via one of those shipping companies that provide you with a US PO box to ship to. Thing is, I've never used one of those before and I'm a bit nervous about it. Also, some of them are really expensive. I've found one that doesn't look too bad though. I might do it. Is is a whole bunch of messing about for very little point? I just really really want one, and I know that I won't be able to get one if I wait and ask for one for my birthday because nobody will want to go through all that messing about and extra expense.

Plus they're just plain awesome...
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