prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,


I've had to miss the course in Leeds today, I'm just too ill. Not sure what it is, but my head is pounding, sore throat, disgusting cough, feeling dizzy, nausea, just need to sleep. I dragged myself in yesterday but I really shouldn't have.

My mum pointed out that I never got around to getting the flu jab this year. I had a good reason, kind of. When the stem cell people called to say I might be a match for someone, they asked me not to get any tattoos, piercings or injections until I knew one way or another. However, they did get in touch a few months back to say I didn't need to donate, and I still didn't do it. So if its flu, it's my own stupid fault. Dunno if it is though, but whatever it is, it really sucks. I can force myself to type this blog (yes you would be forgiven for asking why I'm bothering!)

I have a horrible feeling I'm still going to be ill on Friday, after that joke I made about calling in sick and watching Daredevil. Heh...
Tags: ill
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