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So, I finished season 2.

From what I'm reading online, the reactions I'm having are being echoed by everyone.

I don't want to say I'm disappointed. I'm not. It's just that then series ended on a real downer, and for me, that has clouded even the things that happened in the start. There was very little hope to be found there. While season one was much happier with darker undertones, it feels like season two flipped that on it's head and it's all dark with only the very occasional lighter stuff. I'm sure that that was intentional, as things spiral further and further out of control, we as the audience are subjected to a little of what the characters themselves seem to be going through. I applaud the writers, and let's be honest, it's not like they didn't warn us that this was going to happen, but at the same time I really feel that they might have gone a bit too far.

It seems like there are people out there who might abandon the series. There are people over in the discussion post of the kinkmeme wondering whether they should even continue watching season two. I can't help but wonder whether season three (if there is going to be a season three, of course) will be met with anywhere near the same level of enthusiasm as this one was.

I don't know, maybe I'm being too harsh. As I said, the beginning of the series was great, but to me the best thing about Daredevil, and I'm talking here about both the series and the comics, is the enduring friendship between Matt and Foggy, they have broken that here; smashed it into so many pieces that it's going to be very difficult for it to recover. I don't even know if it can. In the comics they have fought before and always always patched things up, but this feels different somehow. I think Foggy's knowledge of Matt being Daredevil is so new still, it feels like the blink of an eye since they patched things up after Nelson vs Murdock, and now here it goes again, like this is all that's going to happen between them ever, like even when they make up, its just a bandaid over the problem.

Punisher was fantastic. He's not a character I've ever liked that much, but Jon Birnthal did an amazing job with him, and he's a character that I would like to see more of. I actually quite liked Elektra too, though I didn't at first, especially in that flashback scene where she came across as pretty much insane.

Karen was great throughout most of the series. All of it, in fact, though it did start to feel like a little too much by the end. Like, why was she everywhere? Breaking into Frank's house seems very true to her. Helping Foggy with the trial. Yes, absolutely. Dating Matt... not my thing but we all knew that it was going to happen. But then, why did she even go down to visit Frank in hospital with Matt and Foggy? Why would ha have been allowed to, she's no a lawyer. Ditto sitting with the defense team during the trial, is that something that would be allowed to happen? I don't know, but it sure didn't feel right. I started to feel like I was watching the Karen Page show. And it's a shame because I was so impressed with her at the start of the series, but I think it was a case of too much of a good thing.

Foggy. I love Foggy. I missed him toward the end of this series. Even when he was around, I missed the old Foggy. I missed him as Matt's other half. It's great that he's finally realizing what a great lawyer he is, and learning how to take care of himself as well as everyone around him, but I just wanted a little glimpse of something. Maybe not a fill reconciliation, but a hint that things are going to get better.

I don't know, maybe I'm viewing when whole thing too negatively. Maybe I need to rewatch it again when I'm feeling better, maybe that will make things appear less bleak. But to me a fantastic series was let down by the lack of one or two scenes toward the end; a smile, a touch, maybe even a hug. It might have made all the difference.
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