prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Still ill..

I still have this stupid chest infection, and to make matters that little bit worse, I'm starting to feel like I'm getting a sore throat, which can be the precursor to losing my voice, which I have only had back for a few days, so I'm feeling a little nervous, what with my holiday being two days away.

To make it all that little bit more fun, these couple of weeks have co-incided with my mum and dad having the living room done, which involves workmen in and out of the house, and tonight my dad is recruiting my help in moving heavy pieces of furniture that barely fit through the doors from from to room so that the floor is clear for the new floor to be laid tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have a bit of a bad back, so there is no way I;m risking injuring it a few days before my holiday, so I managed to help him get the sofa into the garden, but there was no way I was lifting it into the house again, my mum will have to assist with that when she gets home. Besides, ill. Heavy lifting does't exactly aid recovery.

I rand the doctor today and he had done me a prescription for another course of antibiotics, which should keep the major lurgis away while I'm at Disney, so not all there is to do is hide in my room from the construction work taking place downstairs, and try to finish another chapter of my fanfic.
Tags: ill
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