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I've been pratting about for about an hour now with my Apple ID. I think I have it sorted, but I came so close to throwing my laptop out the window! Well, not really. These things are expensive!

Yesterday, Facebook sent me a notification that someone had tried to log into my account from Ukraine. Now, as I've never been there, I was pretty sure it wasn't me. As a precaution, they had me change my password. All was good. Then, a friend mentioned that they may have gotten the Facebook password via my email (don't know how) and that I should change that password too. Trouble is, I'm one of those idiots that uses the same password for everything, or at least some variation of it - you just can't keep track of which one is which if they are all different. So I though I'd better change everything, starting with Paypal and Apple.

Paypal was no problem. Apple, however, I made the mistake of setting it up so that is someone logs in from a new device, I get a notification to my phone with a verification code, and I have to type the verification code to the new device before it lets me in. Sounds good, right? In theory.

What actually happened was that the instant I turned on my mac, I got notifications from FaceTime, iMessage, iTunes, app store, and probably a bunch of other things. I put in the password, nothing happened on my phone. The next thing popped up and I put the password in that. Then three notifications came through on my phone, all with different codes and I didn't know which one was for which app.

The result was a pretty predictable mess in which the account got locked out. I had to go to a website, which opened a notification on my phone to update the password for the second time, then go back on the mac and do each one slowly, wait for the notification, and then set it up. It seems to have worked now, but my email isn't working on the mac now. So I've been messing about with that, putting the password in again, and stuff. Finally, I deleted the account and set it up again, and it's been sitting there for 10 minutes loading.

So that's been my evening.

Seriously, the sooner we start to use biometrics for everything the better!
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