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Well, this is my first entry. I found this site years ago, so this would have been then, if it had let me join back then. But it wouldn't.
It's nearly 11am and I've been up for about an hour. I got about 3 or four hours of sleep last night because I was stupid enough to go online late at night. I stopped chatting to my friend at about 1.30am, but by then I'd already found a fan fic to read. A Ghostbusters one called Cruel Necessity over on I just couldn’t stop reading. That happens quite often, but I've normally got the self control to get to sleep before 6am. Still, I got to hear the dawn chorus, I've not done that in a while, and it was starting to get light when I finally went to sleep. Anyway, today I am going to study for my exams. Either that or decide to close my eyes for a second then wake up five hours later. Either way, I'd better get started.
Tags: fanfic, real life
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