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Shippyness is bad!

Okay, so why are so many people into this Doctor/Rose thing? Obviously it's *so* never going to happen, so it's all pretty harmless, but people keep bringing it up. And sometimes it seems like the writers are actually trying to encourage it. Ugh.

Random thoughts on The Unquiet Dead

Right, so first off: Oooooh, slightly cryptic info on this war that destroyed Gallifrey. Interesting. So if it was a time war (or whatever they called it) then it looks like everyone involved, or at least most of them, were time travellers. That's a pretty scary thought when it comes to war. I mean, you don't like a planet, you can go back in time and destroy it before the people evolve. Then, didn't the Doctor consider doing that to the Kaleds once? Something like that, anyway. Damn, it's been so long since I've seen some of those episodes!

That can't be what happened to the Time Lords though, anyway. Because if it did, the Doctor wouldn't be here! I wonder how long they're going to go on with this not telling us thing, because as much as I like a bit of a mystery, I want to find out what happened becuase hopefully it'll lead to a bit of high quality angst! Anyway, there was a fair bit of implied angst in here, when the Doctor insisted on helping the gas people (were they called Gelfs? Because that is so Red Dwarf! And if that's not what they're called, that's what I heard anyway!) because they had been killed in (presumably) the same war that wiped out Gallifrey. Looks like this war was a big thing (well, obviously!) I mean, it can't have been the Time Lords against someone else, there must have been more people involved. Okay, I'll shut up about that for now and hope for more info next week.

The story was pretty cool. I do prefer the episodes set in the future and on other planets and stuff to the ones in the past on Earth, but it was still great! My mum said she preferred this one to last week's because she doesn't like the in the future stuff, and she thought the Doctor would never have taken Rose to see the end of the world. I dunno, obviously he would have, because he did. And I think they cleared up the reason why he did pretty well at the end, but whatever. So, I preferred last week's episode to this, but only just. There wasn't anything particularly wrong with it or anything, but I did feel as though some things weren't explained properly. Hopefully it will come back to them soon.

How big is the TARDIS? I never really thought about it before, and I don't know if it has been brought up in an episode I haven't seen/have forgotten, but the Doctor's explanation of how to find the clothes made it seem enormous. Well, I guess that answers my question, actually. How big is the TADRIS? Very big. Right, glad that got cleared up!

The Doctor was hilarious trying to explain what "fan" means to Charles Dickens! And I liked... well, I liked just about everything. No point listing it all! I'll probably ramble more tomorrow, but for now I have completely run out of stuff to say! Looking forward to next week's though. I switched off before the preview ran because that kind of spoiler is just useless and annoying, but the 3 milliseconds I saw of it looked cool(!) And I think that's the first one of the two episodes with Navin Chowdhry so yay!

According to the BBC site, the DVDs are coming out soon (link here). Sounds good, except they're doing 2 releases, right? First, individual releases, one a month, just the episodes and no extras. Then a box set in the Autumn. Fair enough, but come on look at the price. £15.99 for the individual ones (a bit steep, but will have a better price) or £70 for the box set. £70?! That is the most insane thing I ever heard. The Stargate box sets don't cost anywhere near that, and they have twice as many episodes. Well, I'm going to get them of course. The box set probably, might as well get the extras or I'm better off watching my downloads. But I'd better start saving up now.
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