prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Big bad wolf?

What a waste of a day! I got up at 12, watched a random film (Young Einstein - it's pretty funny) and went online. Later, I'm going to watch telly. Who says I don't have an interesting life?!

Went on a few message boards earlier, wondering what other people thought of the new Doctor Who. I hadn't noticed this Big bad wolf thing that everyone keeps mentioning. Apparently it keeps cropping up in every episode. The last one, the maid said it to Rose ("The things you've seen, the darkness. The big bad wolf!"). And next week someone apparently graffitis 'bad wolf' onto the TARDIS. What's with that? There's gotta be something weird going on, looks like they're implying something about the Doctor. This is very interesting. Of course, it could just be done to confuse us!

Another about 2 hours and I can watch Traders (slow download, started about 2am!) and make a start on downloading ep 3 of Doctor Who. I need to make screencaps.

That reminds me. I still need to clear out my My Documents...
Tags: doctor who, traders
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