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Bloody Karoo!

Aaaagh! Stupid internet isn't working again! Karoo wants me to suffer, doesn't it? It's doing it on purpose. Only instead of refusing to work altogether, it's taunting me by letting me online to look at websites, rant in my journal etc etc, but it won't let me download anything. I'm trying to download Traders But it's refusing! It just won't connect! It's doing it just to get to me, I know it is! Damn, I wish we could get another ISP. Karoo just isn't any good. Isn't there some sort of law against companies having a monopoly?
Stupid crappy piece of crap! It's great when it works, better than some other ones, anyway, but I can't stand unreliable internet connections! If I needed another reason to move out of Hull, this is it. They make it practically impossible for you to use anyone else, and that means they can suck as badly as they want without losing customers! Hate them, hate them, hate them!

Tags: computer, traders
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