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Day out, Hitchhikers guide and random crazyness.

Went to Cleethorpes today. That's where we always used to go when I was little, but I haven't been for a quite a while. It was odd because everything looked exactly the same!

Then on the night we went to see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Great film! I won't ramble about it since people might not have seen it, but it was good. There were a few bits that weren't included that I thought should have been there though. Mostly explanations of things. It makes sense without them though, just it seems odd that they weren't there. And they did Zaphod's heads weird!

But the most interesting bit of the day was just before the film started. The adverts weren't even on yet, because we were a bit early, then suddenly the music stopped, the screen went blank and this voice said "Attention Attention. A situation had occurred where you need to leave the building. Please leave by the nearest emergency exit or as directed by cinema staff." Everyone just sat there. It was so weird, no one knew whether it was real (since it really didn't sound real!) or some kind of joke thing, and there was this guy that worked there standing near the door looking just as confused as everyone else. Of course, no one wanted to be the first to get up. Not while they thought there was a chance it was some weird joke, anyone who got up might get laughed at. So a cinema full of people just sat there, looking at each other and listening to a message telling them they needed to leave playing over and over again.

Eventually someone else came in and told us we needed to leave, at which point everyone got up and meandered out of the building, then stood around outside, along with every other person that had been in there, and waited to see what was going on. Someone told us we could get back in as soon as they were given the all clear. A fire engine arrived. Three firemen with all the breathing apparatus and everything got out and went in the cinema. Hundreds of people stood outside wondering what the hell was going on. Then the alarm stopped, then it started again. It did this three times, each time accompanied by a cheer or a groan. Finally the firemen came out, we were allowed back in and went back to the cinema as though nothing had happened. Then a guy in a suit came in and told us that "some undesirable" had set off the alarm by smashing a fire extinguisher into one of those things where you break the glass. *sigh* Still, it made it an even more entertaining night!
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