prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Well, I did get a headache yesterday. That is so annoying, because it proves nothing! See, if I didn't get one, then I could say "Well, that shows it's not apples then." But now it still could be that or a co-incidence. Oh well, whatever caused it, it's gone now.

Went to York today, with my mum, Jennie and Lee. We spent most of the day in some shopping centre thing, with me and Lee waiting around outside clothes shop for Jennie and my mum. *sigh* I just don't get this shopping thing! Why do people enjoy spending hours looking around clothes shops. I'd so rather spend my money on DVDs and books. Even Jennie got sick of it when my mum spend over half an hour in Clarks trying on every pair of shoes. And she never even bought anything. I think I will refuse to go anywhere with her ever again unless I can get a signed statement saying she either won't go shopping for shoes, or will shop for shoes only somewhere near a Waterstones or HMV or something.

Still, it's over now! And we did get to go into York for a bit. We went near a river, and there were baby geese everywhere. They were so cute!
Tags: real life
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