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Woohoo! Darklight is going to be on! Thank you Sky Movies!

It's on loads of times too! So I'll definately get to see it at least one of them.

Wednesday 18th May, 22:00, Sky Movies 2
Sunday 22nd May 2005 20:00, Sky Movies 8
Tuesday 31st May, 00:35, Sky Movies 4
Friday 3rd June, 23:45, Sky Movies 8
Wednesday 8th June, 22:20, Sky Movies 8
Wednesday 15th June, 01:55, Sky Movies 2
Monday 20th June, 23:05, Sky Movies 4
Sunday 26th June, 02:25, Sky Movies 6

Yay! Shirtless!David Hewlett!

*is happy*

I heard the film is pretty awful though, but never mind! :-D
Tags: david hewlett, movies
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