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It's finally over!

Well, the course is over. Yeah, I could have written that yesterday, but I was too busy basking in the not-having-to-be-thereness of it all. What a waste of time that was. Okay yeah, so I did meet some people, but has it brought me any closer to getting a job? Nope. Still, a friend of mine rang up yesterday and she mentioned an agency she works for that apparently get her a job every time she goes in. I said I'd ring them, but then my mum said maybe I should wait and see if anything this New Deal shite can do will help me find a permanent job. I suppose she has a point really. One guy on the course had already done it a year ago, found a temp job for 3 months, then had to start the whole thing again. A year from now, I really really don't want to be finishing off at Latitude for the second time. Hey, maybe that's the point. The whole thing is so unpleasant, boring, stupid and frustrating that you try harder to find a job so you don't wind up back there. Yeah, that'll be it, won't it? Meh, whatever.

Anyway, not that's all over, I'm going to go back to rambling about TV. So, the first episode of House was on channel 5 today. Cool show actually. It's not the first one I've seen. Since half the people I know on the internet talk about it, I was going to download a few episodes, but then I noticed it on the Hallmark Channel a few weeks ago. My dad hates it though. He thinks it's completely rubbish. And his verdict put my sister off bothering watching it. But my mum never heard him, so she watched one with me, and loved it. She watched the first one today too, so I think I have someone to watch it with. Which is always nice.

I've been acquiring TV obsessions at an alarming rate recently though, I became instantly hooked on Boston legal when I watched one episode. Then there's House. Then there's Numb3rs, which I finally got my sister to watch the today. And this is all on top of everything I was already watching every week. It's almost a good thing that so many of the series are finishing for the summer around now. Of course, they will all be starting up in America soon and I'll not be able to resist downloading. But I will manage to convince my self that they don't count, I'm sure.

Anyway, now the stupid course is over I'm going to get back to writing. There's a Traders story I've been meaning to write that I've kept not getting around to.

Hey, can anyone recommend any more random shows for me to watch? Because TV obsessions are great! :-D
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