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So, what did I do today? Watched two random films, watched 2 episodes of Futurama, watched yesterday's Doctor Who again with Jennie and my dad, watched House.

It's not as bad as it sounds. I did most of this TV watching while doing other stuff. Boring stuff like ironing. You can't do that without watching TV. And I ironed for 3 hours. How sad is that? Well, at least it's done now...

Tomorrow though, I have plans. I'm going to write. All day. Most of the day, anyway. I'm going to start a new Traders story, then maybe work on some other stuff that I've not finished. And catch up on my fanfic reading too. Yeah, so most people would say it's not the most exciting plan, but at least it's not just watching TV. And on the night I'm off to the pictures. So yay, leaving the house, always a good sign.

And I'm going to do some job hunting too. Because it's just so much fun.
Tags: doctor who, fanfic, house, job hunt, movies
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