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I am so tired!

I think I'm still exhausted from Saturday, today I've barely been able to force myself to do anything. Just being stood up is enough of an exertion! I'm such a wuss, I think I really need to improve my stamina. I hope I'm feeling less dead tomorrow, it's the REM concert and I'm going to have to stand up for hours. Ibuprofen on standby then! Wow, I make myself sound like such a wimp. A wimp who goes to a lot of concerts. Well, the wimp thing is true, anyway.

Watched Boston Legal today, and I think Denny and Alan are on the verge of becoming my latest OTP. Denny so loves Alan. And he even told him so. I love that show, it's just hilarious. I wonder if it's going to be released on DVD..?

Anyway, I'm off to bed before my keyboard starts to look like it would make a comfy pillow for the night.
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