prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Ugh. I hate tidying. So much for thinking it wouldn't take all day, it's only half done. Looking around, it didn't look that bad, but when I got started I was doomed. Started at one end and worked my way across, any I'm about half way there. And it's not like we're talking about an enormous room here.

The problem is, I have no storage space. Or rather all my storage space is full. Of junk. I'm a hoarder, and while I managed to get myself out of saving empty shampoo bottles and the like, there is still a lot of stuff in my room that I just can't bring myself to throw out. Stuff that I'll never use, that has no value, not even the sentimental kind. Like my cupboard full of old mobile phone chargers and broken headphones, for example! I cleared out some of that stuff though. But one day I need to sort it out properly, or I will drown in junk!
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