prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

More Numb3rs

I had nearly forgotten how much I like Numb3rs. It's not obsession worthy, (yet, anyway). But it really does rule. I didn't get around to watching any from season two last night, so I will be doing that tonight. I got my dad to watch the first episode last night though, and he liked it. He's a maths teacher, and he was saying he'd like to take itin to school and show his class. Hmm. I wish my maths teacher had done stuff like that!

I wonder what excuse he'd give though, I mean, Numb3rs isn't exactly on the national curriculum. Maybe it'll be in answer to that question every kid asks their maths teacher at some time, "What's the point of this? When am I ever going to need this stuff after I leave school?"

"Well," my dad can say, "watch this show and you will see that if you decided to work as a genius mathematician, it might come in handy if you have to help out the FBI with something." Yeah, I can see that making sense to a class full of 14 year olds with no intention of ever becoming mathematicians. Maybe he can play the talky bit at the start to them though, ("We all use math every day..." etc) that kinda answers the question...

I think when I get home tonight I'm going to make a Numb3rs icon.
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