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I know what I can ask for for Christmas...Nothing!
No, not actually nothing! I mean the film 'Nothing' It's apparently released on December 7th. In Canada. Not a major problem, because I've ordered stuff from the before, and I don't anticipate it being much different from Thing is, I hate pre-ordering stuff. What if they put the release date back? Well, it'd suck, but it'd mean I got it later, right? I hope. But maybe I should wait ‘til the 7th, then tell my mum about it after having checked that it says 'now available' That way I'll know what's going on. I'm such a control freak! Or maybe I should just order it myself. I don't know. That's what I hate about this time of year (ha! what a think to hate...getting prezzies! Yeah, hate is too strong a word!) Not being able to do what I want.
One other problem with asking for this. If I put 'Nothing' on my Christmas list, I will suffer endless 'Are you sure there isn't something you want?' jokes!
Watched Cube anyway. It rules. but then I already knew that. I hadn't seen it in 4 years though, so it was good to see it again. And David Hewlett is (of course) incredibly cute in it.

I am thinking of changing my hair style, but I can't think what to do with it! Maybe a more purple shade of purple? The one I use at the moment fades from a sort of purplish black to a sort of purplish brown after I wash it a few times. I'd like a different style, but I want one I won't have to bother about. One I can just wash and leave without bothering with all that styling nonsense. I so could not be arsed with that every day. I take long enough getting ready in a morning as it is!

121 hours, 20 mins...
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