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Ooops, been a while since I was up this late.

That's a shame really, it's the best time of the day. I've been reading fanfic all night. Luckily, I'm not at school again tomorrow either, otherwise I'd be so doomed. I can barely drag myself out of bed when I'm asleep by twelve. Time really got away from me. Ah well, I got some good stories re-read, and discovered a few new ones. I've been in a real fanfic mood recently for some reason. It's been a while since I was, but today I wrote a bit of X-Men fic (sort of, not that it has any of the X-Men in it yet) and yesterday I spend most of my dinner hour scribbling away at a Boston Legal fic. Nothing I'd ever post, mind. And all about Jerry Espenson, who hardly qualifies as a real character, but it was the first story I've finished in a while. Maybe I should have another look at some of the many unfinished and barely started storied clogging up my hard drive. It would give me something to do at the weekend. My auntie's visiting, and it's not that I have anything against her, but she shares the O'Brien family trait (one that I thankfully didn't inherit) of talking loudly and pointlessly about boring things like traffic on the drive up and every uninteresting thing that has happened to her since I last saw her. And she does it especially when there is something I need to watch on TV. I'll not hide the whole time, but enough to preserve my sanity while not appearing too rude. Hopefully.
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