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I need to stop staying up until stupid o'clock every night. I need to, but I really don't want to.

Spent the night watching films. Saving Grace earlier because my auntie had never seen it, (I tried to get everyone to watch Nothing, but no one was up for it!) then we noticed that Interview with the Vampire was on. We'd missed half an hour though, and my dodgy video copy may be crackly and need replacing with a DVD, but it's advert-free, and we wouldn't miss any one the film, so my mum insisted, and I had absolutely no objections. It's been years since I saw that film, but I can still quote some scenes word for word. Literally. It's fun! Linda got bored/grossed out (what a wimp she is!)/too tired half way through though, and went to bed. When it finished and my mum left, I went to check my e-mail and somehow ended up getting involved in reading Sentinel fanfic. Wtf? I've never even been into the Sentinel that much, I've definitely never bothered with fanfic. I stumbled upon an archive while looking for some good Atlantis fic and got stuck there. And so here I am, 4 in the morning, still awake and needing to get up in the morning. Never mind, who cares about being conscious on a Sunday anyway?

Plans for tomorrow involve hoping I don't get roped into doing something boring just so I'm not being rude, watching the last ep of season 2 Atlantis and writing fic. Traders fic, to be more specific.
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