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Here's something no one's going to believe. I haven't watched Traders yet.

It's all my mum's fault. Well, really it's all my fault for getting my mum into it, but now she wants to watch it too, and I have to wait until it's convenient for her. Or watch it in my room with headphones on so she doesn't know, which is a load of messing about. We were supposed to watch it today, but she ended up getting back late, so now she says tomorrow. But that's Matthew's birthday, so he'll probably come round to get his prezzies and he won't want to watch it...

We don't watch it tomorrow and I'm gonna watch it myself though, I hate waiting!

I did got Matthew a prezzie finally. Very last minute and not that great, but not bad, and the best I could do under the circumstances. And I'm quite pleased with how the cake turned out. So that's something.
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