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Stupid international shipping!

Well, looks like I can't get Nothing for crimbo, says to get here for Dec 24. it had to be ordered by Nov 4! What?! Apparently standard international shipping takes 6-8 weeks! Now how is that possible? Unless they just take their time over dispatching it? Unless they send it by boat, which is possible, but stupid. It costs twice as much for the speedier delivery (9-15 days) but it might be worth it. Might. I'll not bother about getting it for Christmas tho, I'll just order it myself.

I'm really tired right now, but I can't go to bed because Lola the rat had fallen asleep in my sleeve and I haven't the heart to kick her out. How much of a softy am I today!?
Well, I think I'm going to have to do it before I nod off at the computer.

Finally, just to torture myself...

want it want it want it want it want it want it want it want it want it want it want it want it!

90 hours, 20 mins...
Tags: david hewlett, lola
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