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For no apparent reason, I am craving chocolate cake. More than I normally do. I'm probably going to have to make some tomorrow. And Pizza if we've got the stuff we need. Pizza and chocolate cake, the meal from heaven. How much do you want to bet I'm missing some vital ingredient that I can't get from any shops withing walking distance?

Other plans for tomorrow are none-existent. I think I'll spend most of the day watching Traders. And writing fanfic, because I had a random burst of creativity today and scribbled notes for about twenty minutes while I was in class. While the kids were busy with the teacher though, not while I was supposed to be watching them or anything. But anyway, got a story, I think.

At the top of the box where I'm writing, it says "Autosaved draft at 2:51:52 AM," what's that about? some kind of fancy thingy to stop lj eating long entries? Because that'd be cool.

I need sleep now, because it's pretty obvious that I'm rambling again!
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