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More on Nothing...

Well, I've been playing around with a currency converter this morning. The DVD of Nothing costs $22.39, and that's Canadian dollars, which is £9.67760, (or let's call it £9.67). Now, shipping rates from for a DVD are $4.49, or £1.94071 (lets call it £2) for the shipment, and an extra $2.49, or £1.07625 (£1) for the item. That's using the standard, 6-8 weeks delivery (which I still think is totally ridiculous!)
That leaves me paying a total of approx. £12.67.

Now, using the expedited international shipping, the DVD will of course cost the same (£9.67). Shipment will be $7.99, or £3.45351 (£3.50), and for the item a further $3.49 or £1.50848 (£1.50). This will leave me paying a total of £14.67.

That's just an extra £2 to get it anywhere between four and six weeks sooner. Not bad, eh? I think it would be worth it.

Just for the fun of it, I worked out how much the mega fast priority one would be $18.99 or £8.20802 (£8.20) and $4.99 or £2.15682, (£2.15), so for that, we're talking £20.02. Now I'll admit, compared to £12.67, that's a lot of money. But think about it. If there was a new DVD I really wanted, chances are it would cost about £19.99. Now I know I'd probably be able to get it a bet cheaper if I shopped around, but if I couldn't, I would buy it for the higher price, which is 3 pence less than what that would cost. And I would probably get it by Christmas as the last date for shipping using that is December 17th. Now, I don't think I will do that, but it is worth considering...

80 1/2 hours till Home is on...
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