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Every time everyone goes away I'd I'm home alone for a few days, I always find a new obsession. This is a trend that I've been noticing for years, but I thought I was imagining it. Apparently not. This time I broke from tradition and became re-obsessed with something. The something in question is Big Wolf on Campus, and for this re-obsession, I blame blackbeltbarbie, who mentioned the show in passing during a post last week. (:-p)

So, I have spent most of today watching the video's that I recorded, what, six years ago?  I'm so glad I never record over anything!  I've also been copying the episodes onto DVD, I was hoping I'd be able to use the DVDs to get screencaps, but they won't play properly in VLC and I've looked everywhere but can't find any info about making caps in Media Player that works.  Very annoying, because I know I used to be able to do it.

Ah well, I've had a great time rediscovering the show that first got me into slash.  Honestly, it has to be the slashiest kids show ever made, probably makes the top four or five slashiest shows period.

I have to get me a BWOC icon.
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