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Okay, so no one is ever going to give me a prize for my awesome spelling ability, and my mastery of grammar it's perfect either, but do I really need to do a basic skills course to improve my literacy? According to my new deal adviser I do. And she reached this conclusion because I wasn't sure how to spell 'voluntary'. I just had to write down what I am doing at the school, and I made the mistake of admitting I wasn't sure how to spell the word. It's just one of those evil words that I can't do. The number of them has declined dramatically over the past few years, but there are still a few that no matter how many times I write it I just can't get it right. So what?

I informed her that I don't need to do basic skills literacy because I did a test at the Skills Initiatives place (I've got to go back there next month *shudder*) and they said I passed easily, plus I've got an A level in English and a university degree, but she insists that I should do it. Luckily, she also admits that there is no way she can force me. Anyway, basing it on the questions in the test to see if I needed it, there is no way it would help with spelling anyway, at least not with my spelling problems, if it would with any. I just feel a little insulted.

Anyway, veering off in a totally different direction, my minor Big Wolf On Campus obsession has led me to the website of The City Drive. They're a band with Danny Smith (aka Merton from BWOC) in. He sings, plays guitar and keyboard, and they are really good, in an addictive punk/pop/rock kind of way (which is of course the best way, or up there with them, anyway!). You can download songs on their website, I particularly recommend Bring Me Everything, but the other three are great too. I've been sending everyone I know there to get them, so anyone who reads this, go! I really can't wait for their album!
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