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My computer plan

That's it, I'm getting a new computer. Sorry, my computer, but you're six years old now, and to be frank, you suck. So I need a new one. One that does what you want it to do and not five minutes after you tell it too. One that had the capacity to run Paintshop Pro without a sixty second or more delay on everything that you try to do. So I'm launching Operation Get-a-new-computer as of today. Technically, I probably can afford to get one today if I wanted too, bu that would completely wipe out my savings, especially considering that after years of this one I want the best I can get. So the plan is this - saving up. I'm going to put £10 a week in the computer fund, and add to that if I do/fail to do certain things. I'll make a list/ Like maybe I can add £2 if I keep my room reasonable, or if I eat relatively healthily, or if I apply for x many jobs. Whatever, the point is the better I do, the sooner I get a computer. Of course, it'll all go wrong within a week or two, but for now that's the plan.
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