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Right, the list of things I'll try to do

I always get at least £10 every week. Then I add:

£1 if I get to school before 8.45 every day
£1 if I eat reasonably healthily during the week (eg, eat loads of veg and no days where I eat nothing but toast and/or chocolate!)
£1 if I keep my room reasonable
£2 if I don't buy any unnecessary DVDs/CDs/books (but some have to be bought and I won't penalise myself for them)
50p for every time I initiate an unnecessary conversation with someone I don't know very well (e.g. teachers at school) up to a max of £5.

That's it for now, but if I do these things, I can get a max of £20 per week in the computer fund. More if I think of more things to add. I might have a new computer by the summer!
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