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I've now finished copying Big Wolf season one onto DVD and got started on season two. Go me! I've been going through my videos though, and it looks like I'm missing one more episode than I thought. I didn't have one of the season two ones because I don't think they ever showed it here, but now I can't find 'Being Tommy Dawkins' either. That sucks, it's the last one I saw, and so the one I've seen least, but I do remember it being hilarious. I wonder if I taped it on a separate tape. I've dragged all my videos out of various cupboards and boxes to check what's on them and now have a room full of videos piled so high it looks like I'm building a wall.

Also, I just remembered that I forgot to watch Desperate Housewives last night. Luckily, I watch the E4 ones, so I can just watch two next week. But I don't know how I managed to forget! Brain addled from too much Big Wolf on Campus, probably. Never mind.
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