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I have just seen my first new episode of Big Wolf on Campus in 3 1/2 years! Because of that, this post will contain fangirlish squeeing about and numerous quotes from a show that you have probably never seen.

I'm sure Fox Kids never showed Rob: Zombie. I waited and waited, watched every episode they showed, even when I had already seen and taped them, waiting for the two episodes I hadn't got. That was one, Being Tommy Dawkins was the other. I finally say Being Tommy Dawkins a few days before I want to Austria (going there kinda killed off my Big Wolf obsession prematurely, which is the thing I'm blaming for it coming back so hard. I remember writing in my notebook about it, I can't remember it exactly, but I think I said "I think I'm cracking up, all I can think of is BWOC and DS" which was true. Being deprived of videos really makes an obsession hurt, but it's also like depriving it of oxygen, it doesn't last too long.) but Rob: Zombie never materialised. Even though the Sky listings said that it was going to be on. So I was forced to leave my collection incomplete.

The re-emergence of my Big Wolf obsession had led me back to the forum at where I have met incredibly cool people who don't mind sharing episodes. And so I saw Rob: Zombie!

A random collection of quotes
Merton: According to legend, this ancient and rare scroll was used by Mesapetanian royalty to contact the dead.
Lori: Really? Where'd you get it?
Merton: High bidder on Ebay!

Lori: Is that it? I mean, how do we know if the message got through?
Merton: It's not a fax machine, there's not gonna be a confirmation page
Lori: I dunno, I just thought there'd be, like, a bolt of lightning or something
Merton: A bolt of lighting? Aw, you're so precious, I love newbies!
(Bolt of lightning strikes and they both scream and run away)
Merton: Don't leave me!

Rob: Keep your change. I'm gonna eat your brain.
Merton: Eat my brain?!?! Wait a minute, the clammy hands, the decomposing flesh, the (something) stench. You're a zombie!
Rob: No I'm not! (he just sounds so indignant, it's hilarious! Then a cockroach crawls out of his mouth) Okay, maybe a little.

Merton: I was just attacked by a re-animated walker of the night!
Tommy: A sleepwalker? You didn't wake him did you? I heard that could be dangerous!

Merton: Scuse me, glad to see you're reunited and it feels so good, but lets just remember that Romeo here just tried to use my head as a bite-sized candy!

Merton: My fault? How is this my fault?
Tommy: You raised the dead.
Merton: Well, yes, there's that.

Lori: Did you just eat a rat?
Rob: It's not something I'm proud of
Lori: Ugh.
Rob: Lori, relationships are give and take. We both have a flaws, I'm dead, and you're judgemental.

Tommy: Merton, what's wrong, I thought you said you had it
Merton: Gee Tommy, my Aramaic's a little rusty. How's yours?

Merton: So, you're a ravenous hoard of flesh eating zombies. What's that like?

Tommy: Merton, it's not working!
Lori: What shall we do now?
Merton: Well, if George Romero's seminal zombie classic, Night of the Living Dead is any indication, we might wanna prepare for a gruesome death!

Merton is so quotable!

Compared to other episodes, this one is nothing special, it's no Imaginary Fiend or The Boy Who Tried Wolf, but OMG I just saw an episode of Big Wolf I'd never seen before. OMG! OMG! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Yeah, might have got that out of my system now. Bad things about the ep? Too much about Lori, but I guess that's fair enough, every episode is about Tommy and/or Merton, Lori's not normally as important

I should probably stop writing now, this time of night after this, I can barely keep a coherent thought in my head, much less transfer it onto the computer. But I'm so glad to have new Merton quotes to bug people with!
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