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I’ve got an interview tomorrow, it’s for the call centre job, I really won’t know what to do. My mum keeps going on about how much I’ll hate it if I get it, and how if I quit I won’t be able to get any money, so I’ll be stuck there unless I can get fired. Well, that’s true, but not exactly encouraging. Honestly, sometimes I think she must lie awake at night dreaming up ways to undermine my confidence. So now I don’t know if I should try my best in the interview, or be myself. And if I do get offered the job, should I take it? Because I doubt I’ll be able to go home and think about it, the agency asked me to ring them afterwards and tell them how it went, which implies that they will tell me there and then whether I’ve got the job.

Now, I could just say who case what my mum thinks, I should do what I want. And that’s true, but the problem is that she usually tends to be right about these things. So if I get the job and don’t like it, I’ll not only have to choose between having no money and being miserable, I’ll have her "I told you so-ing"

I’ll just have to go to the interview and hope I’m not offered the job, because I don’t know whether I could turn it down to someone’s face. That or hope they ring/write later.
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