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I've changed the layout!

Changed the layout of my journal. I've been meaning to do it for ages. That provided me with an hour of fun, sad, isn't it?!
Well, I'm bored. No one is on any of my favourite message boards, I have done nothing all day and it is already starting to go dark. Don'tcha just love winter?
Well, I guess I'll go and update my Teachers website. I think I've been neglecting it recently. I mean, nice people have taken the time to send my stuff, and I've just let it sit there in my inbox. I haven't even thanked some of them! I'm a bad person...
Thing is, Teachers just sucks so much now, that I find it difficult even to get enthusiastic about the older episodes. I miss Brian and Kurt. I even miss Matt, and I never really liked him.

53 1/2 hours...
Tags: lj, teachers
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