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Know what's weird? Having a job seems to make me spend less! Seriously. Alright, that would probably be slightly truer if I hadn't just spent over £70 on a couple of Def Leppard tickets, but that was an anomaly, not something that happens every week. Unfortunately.

Today in my dinner break, I was wondering around town, and saw about 5000 DVDs that I want (and I had no idea Sliders had been released! Of Huff, I need that sooner of later) and I didn't buy a single one. Weird. And it's not the first time it's happened. The reason is that now, although I do have the money so I can justify getting the stuff I want, I don't have as much time to watch it, so each thing I buy takes longer to get through, so I buy less. I'm spending a lot on food though. A lot for me, anyway, not being much of a buying food person, I'm now having to buy my dinner every day because I just don't have room in my bag for two packed lunches. Whoever thought the hours 12.30-9.00 were a good idea needs his head examining. Still, I'm getting a little better at the job, I sold three today, which isn't too bad. And for some reason I'm losing huge amounts of weight. Like 5lbs since I started. I think it must be from eating so erratically.

Anyway, gotta go and sleep. I have a simulator driving lesson tomorrow morning, followed by my fist real lesson on Friday. Exciting!
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