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I am so glad it's Friday! This week has really dragged. I think I'm going to celebrate by buying a DVD. I have an extensive list of ones I want, I might as well get some while I can afford it (i.e. before I'm fired for being rubbish). Weekend plans involve tidying my room (which I don't want to do, but kinda have to because the mess it starting to pile up again and my auntie and cousin are coming up soon, I need a little less junk in case they see it), watching Slings and Arrows, catching up on watching Traders, and going to the pictures to see Alien Autopsy. And possibly helping my brother move house. He's just got himself a house and I'd like to see it, but in order to do that I might have to help him shift the stuff out of his flat.

Now, gotta get ready and go, I have a driving lesson. Yay!
Tags: real life, slings & arrows, traders
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