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Well, I can now report that Alien Autopsy is just as good the second time you see it.

Went in town after the pictures for a wander around, and ended up buying that Vic and Bob show Catterick. I've bought so many DVDs and books in the last few days though, it's really not good, I'm spending all my money! Could have been worse though, I was considering buying Atlantis season one. And House season one. Resisted though, for now. I'm hoping they'll both be reduced sooner or later, because over £40 each seems a bit much. Not that I don't regularly spend that much on DVDs. I'll give them til sometime in the summer to be reduced, then give up and get them. Along with the extensive list of other things I want, including Monk season 3, Quantum Leap, Sliders, the CSI sets I haven't got yet, and the soon to be released first seasons of Boston Legal and Slings and Arrows. Maybe I should forget this whole buying a new computer idea and concentrate on DVDs instead!

17 1/4 hours to new Doctor Who. I really really hope it's good!
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