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Right. I have decided to do something about my spending. There was a while there where all I was buying was £3worth of dinner every day, but the lure of working in town has finally won and I have been finding myself wondering around Music Zone and Waterstones every dinner time, and usually buying something. It has to stop, I have to pay for rent and driving lessons, and I don't really need a new book/CD/DVD every day. No one does, especially someone who barely has time to read/listen to/watch it at the moment. So I have decided to be sensible. I am going to limit myself to one purchase a week. That purchase must be no more than £15. If I want something that costs more than £15, I have to either not but anything for an appropriate number of weeks beforehand, in order to save up, or if it's really an emergency I must make sure I don't buy anything for an appropriate number of weeks afterwards. I wonder if it'll work...
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