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My aunt and cousin have been and gone. It was quite fun, actually. Apart from that I couldn't watch Invasion on Sunday, but I'm watching on E4, so I'll just watch two next week. Went to Cleethorpes (seaside town where we always used to go when I was little) on Sunday, ate chips, had a wonder around, it was fun. I'd like to go back again though, since we didn't arrive until gone 2, so we didn't have much time. Our own fault of course. That's what happens when you stay up the night before drinking and watching Priscilla Queen of the Desert, then lie in til gone 10 and then take ages to get gone, and then find it impossible to find a parking space. Ah well.

What else did we do..? Not much really. Watched a few episodes of Teachers, watched Doctor Who of course (how good was that? Not over impressed with the way the Doctor cured everyone - that'd never work, a well person touches a sick person's hand and spreads the cure, wtf? - but apart from that, it was *so* good. I like 10. I don't know yet if I like him as much as 9, but I'm sure I will)

Damn, back at work tomorrow. Four days off sure goes fast. When's the next bank holiday?
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