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Milly is so cute, she doesn't like birds. There was just one on the tv, she was lounging on the chair watching, and this crow suddenly squawked and flew off, and she barked and growled at it for ages, really freaked out. Poor Milly. Seems to have calmed down now though.

Also, I'm it's really funny that my friends page has no fewer than twelve entries hidden behind cuts, hiding spoilers in people's random squeeage about the latest Doctor Who.

No spoilers in mine, all I need to say is I'm amazed at how much more I liked it than last week's. And I definitely like 10. I still miss 9 though, but I think that will start to wear off fairly quickly. Also, I love Rose. Not for any reason in particular, I just do.

I'm going to the pictures tomorrow to see American Dreamz. Were supposed to go today, but Doctor Who was on. No, it wasn't just me that didn't want to have to tape it. So now we're going tomorrow afternoon. Jennie's leaving tomorrow too, first think in the morning, back to uni. I barely saw her while she was here, when she wasn't out or in bed, I was at work. Ah well.
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