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Just because you can't beat a bit of public humiliation at 3am.

I mentioned my cousin visited over Easter? Well, we decided to play at making stupid videos one night, and then because we were feeling particularly silly, uploaded them onto Youtube. So, if you fancy watching me and my cousin Zachery lip syncing to a Queen song, the Pokemon theme and Bananaman, hop on over to and take a look. Speakers on though, or we'll look even more silly! Oh, the reason I'm not putting this as a clickable link is I don't know if Zac has any way of seeing pages referring people to that page, and if he finds my blog, it may set in action a chain of very undesirable events. probably won't but I have an over active imagination. So cut and paste, people!

And don't ask why I'm mentioning this, because I don't know myself...

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