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When I said I hated the hours, this was so not the solution I had in mind

The office is closing down. Apparently the Hull branch is not profitable any more because of extortionate prices charged by the evil entity known as Kingston Communications. So we were taken aside in two groups (permanent staff and then us temps) and told that as of Friday we were out of a job. Well, the permanent staff have been found another job if they want is, which I think was pretty incredibly decent of them to do, but the rest of us are back to signing on and ringing agencies. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.

Don't need to go in until 3 today, we're having a late start, so I think I'll go in town and re-register with some agencies, maybe ring a couple of new ones. If the worst comes to the worst, I'll just ring the job centre on Monday, but I'd really rather not, because I need money for rent and driving lessons, and unfortunately can't afford both. I really don't want to have to give up the lessons again.

So, that's that. Well, it does solve the problem of being worried about finding a new job, quitting this one and then finding out I prefer the old one. And maybe when I do find something else, it'll have more sociable hours...
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