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Bye bye Fts

I'm officially unemployed. We were supposed to leave work at six yesterday instead of nine, but the Kingston Communications people were there at half twelve telling us they wanted to get started on moving out the unused computers and that we had to be gone by half four. I think they were in a rush to get rid of us. So we had a fairly relaxed morning, we were right at the end of the file, so we were only getting calls every ten minutes or so, and most of them took two minutes for the person who answered to say the person we needed was out. I rarely get any sales before 6, so I wasn't expecting to get any before 4.30 on a day with no calls. I got one though, so I was quite pleased about that. Especially since we were on double commission all this week, so that was an extra £5. I got £30 commission this week. Not bad.

There was one particularly amusing moment when one of the KComs people waked Rob (the boss) where we were all going now this job was over. He said "We're off to Admiral," that's a pub in town where we were planning on starting off the night. She had meant job-wise, though.

So, we had a glass (well, plastic cup) of champagne at work, then we all left. Ema, the only other remaining person who started at the same time as me, decided to take the sign off the wall as a memento. The is a huge sign, that she actually needed help to carry, that said 'fts' on it. We had all signed it, and it went with us to the pub.

We started at Retro because we could sit outside in the sun, then moved to Admiral of the Humber for food, then on to a series of random bars in town, ending up at somewhere I'd never been before called Revolution, where everyone disappeared while I was in the loo. I met Wendy and Rosie in the loos, we went back to find that the only person left was Rosie's boyfriend, who told us everyone had gone. I was a little pissed off, since I was supposed to be sharing a taxi with Rob, and I knew Rosie and her boyfriend would be walking home and Wendy was going completely the other way.

So Rosie and Wayne set off home, Wendy met up with one of the other girls outside the club and they decided to share the taxi she had booked, and I was stuck because I knew I had no hope of getting a taxi now without waiting for about two hours. I texted my dad on the off chance that that he was still in town, since he normally goes for a drink after the gym on Fridays, but he was already home, he volunteered to come and get me anyway, so I got a lift home.

And that was my night.

Now begins operation get a new job...
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