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I've got an interveiw

And guess where it is? Exactly the same place as my last job. Not just the same building, but the same floor. And since FTS went, I'd guess the other place that shared the 5th floor with us has expanded. That would explain why they are hiring... So who know, if I get this I could end up sitting in exactly the same place. How weird would that be?!

The job's only part time though, but "With the opportunity for loads of overtime," apparently. And a chance to turn full time later maybe. And even if it's only the part time 16 hours I'll still be getting twice as much as on jobseekers. Which is good. And it looks a little easier than the last job, because the people ring you instead. So my fingers are crossed. The interview is tomorrow.

And today I have to go in town and visit Right4staff, so if this doesn't work out, maybe they'll find me something.

Life on Mars is out on DVD today. I'd decided not to get it, since I have no job and no money and have just bought The Girl From Tomorrow anyway. But I may get it anyway just because I'm all opptomistic and stuff. And then if I don't get the job, at least I'll have some good TV to watch while sulking.
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