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My life

Some time yesterday, the guy from the place where I had that interview rang up. I was at school, so my mum answered. He said he'd ring back at four, but he didn't. I've got another interview on Monday too, a sales job (I'm so not a sales person, but the job I interviewed seemed so mind numbingly boring I would prefer something more of a challenge if I can get it.) and now I don't know that to do. If I've got this first job, I'll probably start on Monday, which is when the interview is. And if I then get the second job, I'd have to leave straight away, which seems a bit bad. But I can't not take the first job if they offer me it, because I probably won't get the sales one. So I'm a bit stuck. Plus, he didn't ring back yesterday, so maybe he forgot or offered someone else the job. Or else he'll ring again today when I'm having my driving lesson or something. Annoying. I hate not knowing what's going on.

other peoples lives
I overheard two CSAs talking in the staffroom at school yesterday. One of them has a friend whose kids go to the same school as someone out of the Beautiful South. She saw him at the school gates and for some reason had a copy of their latest CD in her handbag. As you do. I guess she just bought it or something. So this CSA was going on about how she should have asked him to sign it for him, but she didn't because she'd look a bit weird carrying their CDs around in her handbag. Hee. Just struck me as funny.

A kebab shop blew up five minutes walk from my house. I walk past there all the time, very scary.
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