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I got the job. the one I didn't particularly want and was convinced I'd bodged the interview for anyway. They rang me on Saturday night, twenty past nine (right in the middle of the Finnish Eurovision entry, yes I watched Eurovision, mock all you want) and asked me to go in at half one today. So I went straight from the interview for the sales job (Which I really don't want and am completely convinced I didn't get) to my first day of training. Now this job might be mind numbingly boring, but the people all seem quite nice. And it's booking cinema tickets, so I'll always be well up on what films are out. It's paid monthly too, so I'll probably end up spending less. I don't get paid for ages though, unlike agency jobs where it's never more than a week until your next paycheck.

I think the boss will think I'm a right music head though. I had to change my hours on Friday because I'm going to see the Beautiful South, and then book a day off already for Def Leppard. Well, that won't be a too regular occurrence. Unfortunately.

I'm at school tomorrow, then I need to go to the job centre and sign off, then get to work for more training. I think I start actually working on Wednesday. I don't know what the hours are like, but I know there's a lot of overtime if I want it. They're open 9am-10pm every day, and I think I'll always have to work saturdays, which kinda sucks. Still, at least I'll get paid. Eventually.
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